NATURAL MUMMA – YouTube Channel


A new departure for Terrapin 5, the team have been tasked with producing a YouTube channel for Natural Mumma on ‘pregnancy, birth and beyond’. T5 have created all aspects of the channel – from the logo design, through to originating a series of looks for the videos including styling and sourcing props and locations.
In an effort to keep costs manageable, the videos have been shot in carefully planned batches, allowing the client to grow the channel quickly.
Sound design was crucial for a cohesive feel, and this has been managed by Adam Daffurn. A unique theme was composed and recorded by Adam, along with various musical inserts and fills.

– Animation – Gerard Hughes

A personal project for T5 team member, Gerard Hughes, and first shown at Tinsel Town in September 2016. Gerard was responsible for the original idea, development and script, plus sets, puppets and all animation. The 2D illustration was by Will Finn, and the original score was written and produced by fellow Terrapin, Adam Daffurn.
The film was inspired by the work of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, and embraced a very low tech aesthetic to suggest children’s TV of the 1970s.

PRESSURE COOKER – Music Video – Messrs Kelly IA & Richards JVM

Music video commissioned by the Rural Audio Club to accompany the track ‘Pressure Cooker’ by Messrs Kelly IA & Richards JVM. The concept for the video originated from the client, who also had a very clear aesthetic in mind.
The finished video helped to raise the track’s profile, including gaining airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music.


The client wanted a bright, dynamic film to embed on their website to illustrate the screen printing process, with the aim of enticing more people to enrol on their printing courses. Footage was shot over two days, and when edited, a bespoke musical score was written and produced by Terrapin 5’s Adam Daffurn. The film was eventually produced in two lengths to give the client the best value from the available footage.

STILL LIFE – Short Film

Still Life will always have a special place in our hearts, as it is the first collaborative piece that Terrapin 5 worked on together. From a script by Holly Daffurn, this artistic piece has a theatrical feel based on the combination of tableau shots and dramatic lighting that were designed and executed by Gerard Hughes. Adam Daffurn wrote the score to accompany the film, and Joel Daffurn plays the tortured male lead. Every aspect of this production was created in-house by Terrapin 5.

COMPUTERS – Music Video – Messrs Kelly IA & Richards JVM

Our first video collaboration with the Rural Audio Club to accompany the track ‘Computers’. The client had already fully developed the idea for this film, leaving T5 to concentrate on the filming and post production.
The film was well received, and the track received radio airplay on several BBC 6 Music shows.

FOR RUSSIA WITH LOVE & SO YOUR WIFE – Poetry Films – Holly Daffurn

‘For Russia…’ This piece was commissioned to be made into a film poem by CAGED Arts as part of The React Poetry Project, which was an O2 Think Big Project. As well as attracting international attention (including support and acclaim from a number of Russian LGBT groups), this film poem was also shown at ‘We’re Here’ – a queer film screening and art exhibition as part of Brighton Pride, and the Trading Love art and culture festival.
‘So Your Wife…’ was commissioned by Apples and Snakes and the work has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies and literary journals.
T5 was responsible for all aspects of the productions, including sourcing props and locations


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